6 ways to increase law firm productivity

6 ways to increase law firm productivity

The competition in the legal field is becoming stiffer.

And just like other industries, innovation is one of the effective ways to stand out. While traditional law firms are stuck in the concept of printing papers and manually piling up their documents, you can do better in this digital age.

Your law firm deserves to use the current technological innovation and eventually increase efficiency and reduce costs. In this time where businesses are utilizing automation, you should not hesitate to embrace the change if you want to get ahead of your competitors.

So, to increase your law firm productivity, there are 6 ways you can adapt.

1) Start from within

The first step in increasing your law firm’s productivity is finding the source why you are not productive enough to meet your goals. Since technology is often used today to make processes more efficient and effective, you can appoint someone to be your technological improvement specialist. This doesn’t mean you have to get a new employee but instead, look for someone who has potential within your firm. If you can outsource one, assess if the rates are better than having your own person internally.

2) Use a cloud-based practice management system

Gone are the days where you have to gather printed papers and pile them up at your office. No one would want to be an associate lawyer only to do admin tasks that are capable of automation. If you want your law firm to be productive, take it to the next level. Forget about investing in printers and inks. Instead, use a cloud-based practice management system where you can access your data electronically. This means that everything you gathered from your clients or from anyone who has a stake in your firm will be shared through this system.

3) Automate your intake process

The client intake process is one of the crucial parts of having a business in the legal field. More often than not, law firms experience investing in checking on a client only to find out that there are conflicts and other issues related to their potential relationship. If you automate your client intake, the process will only consume a small amount of time, which means you can focus more on other important areas of your firm. This system will also lead you to more potential clients.

4) Get a computer-assisted billing system

The billing process is a hassle if done manually. A lot of businesses are experiencing that already. Getting a computer-assisted billing system could mean a lot to your law firm since you will save a huge amount of time cleaning the invoice errors and other charges manually. With an automated system, it’s easier to spot entry errors. On top of that, you can have a unified billing template to send to your clients.

5) Analyze your firm with your own data

Using your own data to analyze the weakness of your law firm also helps in increasing your productivity. There is quite a long list of options when it comes to data analytics. You can choose any of the available sources on the internet so you can find out the room for improvement in your firm.

6) Adapt an automated funding method.

It’s normal to encounter clients who can’t fund their own litigations. To increase your law firm productivity without pushing away clients who can’t pay upfront, you can automate a funding system that would allow clients to borrow funds to pay your legal services. Some funding sites are existing already, so you wouldn’t have to dwell so much on how it works.

Increasing your productivity is one way you can strengthen your brand. In this legal field where competition is so wild, you can make a difference by adapting these technological ways.

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