A Content Rich Experience

A Content Rich Experience

A review of solitorsinspain.com.


E&G Solicitors in Spain provides legal advice in English for people in the UK and throughout the world who are looking for guidance on Spanish law.

They specialise in issues around inheritance, property and any legal issues that may arise for individuals and businesses moving to or living in Spain.


The website content is well structured giving a clear indication as to the services that they provide.

Pages focus on information and value with lots of long form content on issues around moving to Spain after brexit as well as buying and selling property and tax refunds.

Content is clearly signposted with options to move to related content or consume numerous videos on the subject.


The audience is people who are looking for advice on issues that may affect their life or assets in Spain and the content provides common FAQs in most cases, mixed with expert legal opinion and advice.

Trust and authority are built through thorough articles that answer questions and promote the importance of independent legal advice.

There are also free guides to download on inheritance and property to help people make a decision.

Look and Feel

The design is quite common of Law websites with clear branding throughout, as well as options to visit the about section and see who you’re dealing with.

The site could benefit from some design UX on some of the content pages where there is lots of information. For example breaking up text with more white space might help the experience.

Cross browser and mobile experience

As you’d expect from a Drupal website, the cross-browser experience is good and the site works across all tested screen resolutions and devices.

Load time

Load time is also healthy, there is no real delay when moving between service pages and on average the website takes under a second to load, which is not bad considering there are so many videos posted.


Clear navigation giving multiple options to find similar content at the foot of every page, as well as relevant videos when you use the website on a desktop.

Some of the contact forms could benefit from conversion optimisation. For example, different colours to encapsulate buttons or fields and encourage people to submit.

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