A mobile-first website for startups

A mobile-first website for startups

The first thing you notice about crestlegal.com is that it caters for busy start-up owners and founders, with a clear message that this is about business law and more importantly, three distinct areas of business law.

The simple yet clear branding complete with banner images of modern, thriving office settings, makes visitors aware that as a start-up or small business owner, this is the website for me.

What’s more, the mobile design is clearly taken into consideration which is a big factor for busy start up founders and business owners who (when there’s not a pandemic on) are likely to be on the move and viewing the content from their devices.

A very simple menu with a clear call to action to contact, plus links to three main service areas, make it very easy to find information as well as consume it when you’re on the move.

First impressions

The site has a concise structure allowing you to find information on contracts, sales and acquisitions or legal advice for startups.

Throughout the website there are sign-posts to the find out more section or options to make contact with with the business and get started with an enquiry.

Load time

No complaints on load time – which again is useful for busy start-up owners. You can glide from page to page without any issues around file size or waiting for anything to appear.

Mobile Experience

The website is that rarest of things – where the formatting is consistent regardless of which Mac screen resolution you are using and indeed whether it be mobile or desktop.

Within a few clicks you can call or fill in a form and it’s clear how the site will add further value in future as more content is added.


The homepage is slick and streamlined letting visitors know they’re in the right place, providing options to travel onwards if you know which area you need advice on or to simply make an enquiry.

The content is also clearly categorised into each of the three services making it easy to find further information as you require it.


A clean logo with no more than 3 different colours – the branding is simple yet effective. It doesn’t distract from the messaging across the site, which is one of reassurance and expertise in commercial law.

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