Content-led approach that provides real value

Content-led approach that provides real value

Wiselaw, a UK-based family lawyer appointment service, has an exceptionally designed website that’s available for anyone to access. There’s no heavy sell or contact us and at first glance there’s even very little about the company themselves.

It’s a content-led approach which gives visitors real value up front.

Since it’s an appointment service, the site’s homepage primarily displays links for the lawyer selection process via header, dedicated section, and floating action button. Clients can select from any of the 31 locations across the UK for a nearby lawyer inquiry. Upon selection, attorneys appear with their names, profile summaries, and map locations. Additionally, service inquiries for both clients and lawyers are also a few clicks away.

Wiselaw’s website also features various helpful guides for family legal matters, processes, and other related information. Lastly, it offers the following services:

  • Divorce
  • International Divorce
  • Children Issues
  • Finances and Settlements
  • Prenuptial Agreements


Wiselaw’s branding reflects their services: established, accessible, and expertise. Through balanced colors and layout, clients can trust the service they’re getting to be professional. Besides, the beautiful images, fonts, and modern look make the site more appealing to visit and use.

Website Navigation

The excellent use of colors as signals makes navigating the site easier. Buttons, links, and directions each have unique tones to guide visitors and make the website look attractive. Moreover, opening other webpages, menus, and other components are seamless, lag-free, and smooth in animation. Lastly, services are only a few clicks away, so clients don’t have to deal with slowness and complicated processes.

Making An Inquiry

There are two types of inquiries on the site: for clients and lawyers. Clients can inquire about services from buttons and links on the header, dedicated section, and floating action button. On the other hand, lawyers can learn about Wiselaw’s registration process by clicking the button inside the homepage header.

Mobile Experience

Thankfully, Wiselaw’s website is responsive and can adapt to mobile browsers. Images, fonts, sections, and components fit well with small screens so visitors can navigate and inquire about services regardless of the devices they’re using.

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