cyber security in ediscovery

Cybersecurity should be prioritized by litigation lawyers handling confidential computer data. There have been hundreds of documented extent to which law firms are a prime target for frequent cyber-attacks because of electronically stored information (ESI) they are housing. Criminal hackers have figured out to access data from law firm computers that they cannot get from a company’s well-defended data directly.

With the development of cybercrime activities over the years, many top law firms have taken steps in the past decade to strengthen systems focusing on the protection of client ESI.

Confidential client ESI can also sometimes be hacked by unethical competitors who are engaging in illegal eDiscovery. For example, those trying to crush a competing business or those trying to win a lawsuit.

Cybercrime activities are intensifying and increasing every year, and so is the amount of confidential information stored in computers.

All of this confidential information has a value to criminal hackers. Any law firm that does not realize that it is subject to cyber attack is naive.

Forward thinking law firms involved in ediscovery projects, are aware of security threats and proactive in protecting their computer systems, especially their clients’ confidential data. 

Every lawyer has a duty to maintain client confidentiality in today’s world of cyber attacks requires much more than legal knowledge and legal skills.

It requires sophisticated computer knowledge and skills far beyond traditional legal practices.

That is why cybersecurity experts should be used to assist in any law firm’s data protection efforts.

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