Great UX, what about the appearance?

Great UX, what about the appearance?

The next in our “review of legal websites” series and we’ve been asked to take a look at  Natasha Hall law, a small law firm on the Wirral in the UK.

Natasha batty the principal solicitor at the firm says:

“We were persuaded to update our site because previously we had no control over editing or adding new content as well as not having access to any sort of Analytics. we didn’t know whether we were getting 10 website visitors per month or 10000. Let alone knowing what they did when they visited the site.”

Natasha Batty, Principal Solicitor

Mobile experience 

At first glance the site looks good on mobile. it loads fast and tells you exactly what the site is about as well as what each service page is about. some of the images on the service pages are a little dreary… But hey, it is the legal sector.

The background image on the homepage is nice and clean letting people know instantly that this firm deal specifically in the local area ( the image is of the Wirral).

The branding

The law firm are keen to let you know that they are local however it would be good to see Natasha featured more even on the homepage as this will help the brand to be different to competitors. This would be particularly useful when dealing with local clients.

While branding isn’t all about colours some of the combinations with grey and dark blue are also a little on the tired side. Luckily the information is all there and easy for customers to find.

The content

The content, particularly on blog pages Is in depth and demonstrates a real level specialism particularly for things like housing disrepair and legal services for tenants.

This content is also nicely laid out and looks good on mobile, there aren’t just reams of text as some of the blogs reach over 1500 words! 

Ways to get in touch

The website has some generic looking contact forms and the phone numbers are always visible. the click-to-call feature on mobile is a particularly nice feature and likely to reduce friction from potential clients.

Could do better?

The content goes into real depth and would be a great value to a client looking for information on a particular service. which of the personal injury information is widely available elsewhere so would be good to find out more about Natasha and how she particularly helps in these instances.

Aside from that is a nicely structured site that is likely to cater for your needs if you don’t know where to start with legal services in that local area.

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