How to cater to loads of different website visitors!

How to cater to loads of different website visitors!

Irwin Mitchell, a UK-based legal and financial advisor, has a website that’s highly accessible and easy to navigate. This is important because it feels like they are offering every legal service under the sun. Yet with clever use of links as signposts, it’s fairly easy to find what you’re looking for.

On the homepage, visitors can easily submit queries about its services via a digital form. Also, there are well-placed markers for its phone, email, and 27/7 live chat for further assistance. Moreover, client reviews, brief facts, statements, and links for all 15 offices are also on display.

Irwin Mitchell offers the following services:

  • Personal Legal Services
  • Wealth Management
  • Business Legal Services


The branding is professional and open. The transparency, well-versed writing, and client assistance elements on the site made it easier for anyone to trust the agency. Above all, the presentation of client testimonies, ratings, and awards on the main page guarantees quality service.

Website Navigation

Its website is easy to navigate. The texts, images, and components contrast with each other making it more accessible and readable. Scrolling feels natural and smooth, and webpages load swiftly. Besides, essential sections such as inquiry forms, contact details, and office links are clear and emphasized so visitors can quickly communicate with the agency.

Making An Inquiry

Right after the site header, a dedicated inquiry form is available for anyone to contact a legal adviser. However, if it’s not enough, there are also bold icons and details for the agency’s phone, email, and 24/7 live chat. Lastly, if a visitor wants to contact or direct queries to a specific branch, there are links to all 15 offices across the UK right below the contacts section.

Mobile Experience

Irwin Mitchell’s website is responsive to mobile devices. On a mobile browser, the site adjusts its components and structure to fit the smaller screen. While the display is cramped, text, images, and icons remain vivid and easy to click. Similarly, scrolling and opening new pages are smooth and straightforward.

A big player with a big website!

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