Slick website design for an HR outsourcing company

Slick website design for an HR outsourcing company

Mobile-friendly design that accommodates various phone numbers and physical locations are  just some of the features of the new website design for LBJ consultants.

LBJ consultants are an HR and employment law company for small businesses in Scotland and the UK. You can visit their new website here.

Because of the way that the business is split,  LBJ Consultants needed to create a website structure that accommodated their core services of HR services, health and safety and employment law advice. 

Drop down menus on both the homepage and main services page allow users to quickly find what they are looking for while not creating a confused interface. The service packages page has a simple list with dropdowns that demonstrates each service and payment options.

Billy Muir, Managing director of LBJ consultants explains what the business wanted to get from its new website

“ We recognise that lots of businesses need HR services for specific projects or specific requirements during the course of any day, week, month or year.  It was therefore vital that we were able to display our options for various payments such as pay as you go. Because every business is different, with different requirements, our main ambition for the site was to encourage people to make an enquiry and see if we can find the right solution for them.”

Site speed

Like a lot of brands these days,  LBJ consultants create a lot of video. Posting all of these videos could not only take up a lot of space visually, but also slow things down particularly on mobile. Hosting his videos elsewhere and using the collapsible menus mentioned above, they’re able to give users the option to find these videos and digest them easily without creating a confused navigation. 

There is still scope to improve the speed of the homepage through reducing the background video and number of HTML elements.

Members only

For businesses looking to receive regular updates on employment law and HR issues that matter to their industry, the new site now has a handy members area where you can access unique content for the exchange of your email address. Users then just log in everytime they want to see content for members only.


The site now makes it clear how you should contact the business with an option  to  to register for a free audit  where LJB will take a look at your business and see where there are any areas that they can help. Clear calls to Action in the top navigation on both desktop and mobile versions of the websites make it really easy C2 not only contact the business but also contact the business using the right phone number.

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