Why Is Ediscovery Important For Law Firms?

With the introduction to new technologies and advancements of the existing ones, the legal market is changing at a good speed. If you own a law firm, your clients need you to keep pace with this changing nature of the legal market. This is where eDiscovery comes in. Because a big part of information we deal with today is digital, the traditional “paper discovery” is not enough to cover it. In fact, even the paper-based documents are scanned to convert them in a digital form.

So, how can you deal with a big amount of electronic information which is volatile with respect to the traditional paper discovery?

A reliable eDiscovery software is your answer!

But why is ediscovery important for law firms? Let’s find out!

What Ediscovery Software Is?

The eDiscovery software allows law professionals to process, tag, review and generate electronic documents as a part of an investigation or a lawsuit. A reliable software can help the lawyers extract useful information regarding the case they’re handling while speeding up the process, mitigating risk factors and also reducing the overall costs.

In the legal industry, discovery is the process of rightfully obtaining the information to generate non-privileged matter related to any party’s claims or defences in question.

eDiscovery is a process that is applied to all sorts of electronically stored information or ESI including the computer files, emails, texts and databases. In other language, it is a legal process by which two parties exchange the evidence and case-related information with one another in the courtroom.

How Law Firms Can Use It

The right eDiscovery software allows the lawyers to work efficiently and strengthen client loyalty.

Below are four ways in which law firms can use eDiscovery software or analytics.

1. Discover The Most Relevant Facts While Cutting Through The Noise

By using a powerful eDiscovery software, you can cut through the noise and look straight into the most relevant documents. This is due to the fact that a good software minimizes the data volumes.

With in-depth research, your team can understand the actual facts in the early stages allowing you to focus on creating the best possible legal strategy for your client. It will also allow you to make the best use of available resources and work with your team efficiently.

2. Take Action On The Basis Of Facts Rather Than Assumptions

Using the eDiscovery software, attorneys can make effective decisions and develop the best legal strategies on the basis of actual facts rather than assumptions. In fact, by taking into account the insights earlier in the process, your chances of winning a case becomes much higher. Apart from this, it also helps in enhancing the precision and productivity of your team.

3. Offer Cost-Effective And Reliable Services To The Client

eDiscovery software uses mainly the data science tools and Artificial Intelligence that offers the highest and fastest level of automation. You can cover multiple segments of eDiscovery from a single platform. In this way, you can handle a greater volume, more number of cases with the benefit of reasonable prices. You don’t need any involvement of third parties, you can make use of AI technology and machine learning and provide the cost-effective services to your client.

4. No Replacement, Only Transformation

Many people believe that eDiscovery software tends to replace the intelligence of lawyers. But this is not true, the right software only helps the lawyers to make informed decisions. Rather than replacing, AI transforms the legal practices and makes them more effective and precise.

How The Software Works

eDiscovery software or the document review software allows the lawyers and other law professionals to work with the electronic documents for investigation. These tools automate the steps involved in a discovery process including data ingestion, OCRing, file indexing, virus scanning, preparing documents, reviewing them etc.

After loading the relevant data into the platform, legal teams can start reviewing the data by creating searches, sorting the information, tagging files as non-responsive or responsive etc.

eDiscovery software is capable of reducing the total volume as it allows the teams to quickly sort the files and cut through all the unnecessary and duplicate files and focus on the most important and relevant ones. This makes the operations quick and hassle-free. Once the data has been sorted, tagged and reviewed, the software can automatically create productions, apply reactions that can be shared with other parties in the court.

The cloud-based eDiscovery software has the added benefit, it allows you to review, upload and generate documents online without any cost, delays or hassles associated with manually handling the eDiscovery, relying on legacy software or third-party vendors.

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